About the Supper Club

The Aioli Dinner Supper Club is inspired by artist George Rodrigue’s famous Aioli Dinner  painting from 1971 depicting the Creole Gourmet Societies between 1870-1920.  Each Aioli Dinner dinner will be a multi-course culinary experience with an emphasis on French cuisine from the era of the Creole Gourmet Societies with a contemporary twist.  These “pop-up” dinners will continue throughout Louisiana, so be on the lookout and sign up for the latest news.

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Today, the Aioli Dinner Supper Club has been re-imagined and is now a fundraising benefit for Louisiana A+ Schools (LAA+). This statewide program was created by the George Rodrigue Foundation of the Arts in 2013, and in 2017, after several years of success, LAA+ has transitioned into its own public non-profit organization to ensure the growth and long-term sustainability of the mission. Supported by GRFA and the leadership of a diverse board, LAA+ Schools has 24 schools in its network.  For more information, visit www.aplusla.org


Founded by George Rodrigue in 2009, GRFA’s mission is youth development through the arts in education.  GRFA sponsors an annual art contest, donates art supplies to schools, assists charities and non-profits with Blue Dog print donations and sponsors Louisiana A+Schools.  Altogether, GRFA has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars through these programs.  For more information about GRFA, visit rodriguefoundation.org